Why You Need A Mommy And Me Photo Session

As moms, we are busy loving our children, caring for them and interacting with them. The journey, our babies, each moment is special and if you’re anything like me, we are always the one behind the camera. We pull out our cell phone and snap photos of them playing, dad and them hanging out, maybe even a selfie with them occasionally, if we can get them to sit still and participate. Then, life goes on, and as we look back, we have a few selfies of us and our little, but does that tell our story?

With a mommy and me session, you get to sit back, relax, enjoy and interact with your little while someone else capture the moments and your true connection. These stress-free sessions are full of fun, play, dancing and maybe even a tickle war. Whatever your bond, whatever your story, allow me to capture these moments for you so that you may sit back and enjoy your children.

Are your children older now? No matter your child’s age, these sessions are great for older kids too. Bring grandma, lets capture a beautiful three or four generation photo while we’re at it. Its time to spoil yourself, spoil grandma and capture these beautiful moments together.

Mommy and me mini sessions will take place Saturday, April 20th and Sunday, May 5th 2019. If your interested, please contact me to set your time slot.


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