Preparing for a successful newborn session

Get in the books

Getting in the books early ensures you a spot. I am one person and have limited availability. I book my newborn sessions out a few months in advance so be sure to contact me and set up your shoot by your 4th month to ensure you have a spot.


As your little one nears its due date, its good to keep me informed as to what is going on. If your Doctor is talking about inducing, let me know when so I can ensure I keep the calendar cleared and begin preparing for your session. I style each session to your unique personality and desires, so each session is unique as each baby is unique. If there are certain poses, styles, props you adore, let me know and we will try to work them in.

Breast feeding foods to avoid

If you are a breast-feeding mama, it’s very important to watch what you eat. Here is a list of common foods to avoid while nursing. These foods typically affect babies under 6 weeks. As your little one grows, you can start introducing these foods one by one and see how they are affected. Every baby is different, so be sure to consult with your Pediatrician. I highly suggest avoiding these foods at all costs 48 hours before your session to help your baby settle:

Citrus Acidic foods and drinks such as:







All berries

Tomatoes or tomato products

Chocolate (rarely affects babies)

Peanuts- nuts in general



Tacos/spicy/Mexican Foods/salsa


Restrict Foods Such As:

Soda, Coffee, Tea, Wine & Beer

Gassy Vegetables such as:






Brussel Sprouts


Check with your Doctor to see if Dairy is an issue.

What to bring

  • Pacifier- Not all of you will use one, but it’s a good idea to bring one to your session anyway as it can help calm the baby faster.

  • Bottles and formula if you are not breastfeeding

  • Diapers

  • Outfit for yourself, spouse and siblings if you wish to have family photos taken

  • Any special items you wish to have photographed with the baby

What to expect

Newborn sessions are baby led and depending on the baby can take several hours. Be prepared and be patient. Your baby is likely going to pee, poop and cry, its ok! I fully expect it, don’t worry, it’s all part of the session. Things can get toasty for adults so dress appropriately. I keep areas nice and warm for baby and try to keep the baby as comfortable as possible, so dress in layers. Most importantly is Relax! I have not been up all night with a fussy baby, I will take care of everything during your session and hand the baby over when they need a feeding or if it just needs you. Your babies safety is my number one concern.

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