Curiosity killed bath time!

Have you ever had your kids ask about something, you told them all about it but they just wanted to see? Thinking nothing of it, because honestly ITS NO BIG DEAL, you show them...then your one easy moment, spiraled downward in a flash!

Well that’s where we stand. My lovely 2 year old has adored baths all his life. So every night, it’s in our routine to play in the bath... UNTIL the day came where he was curious about the shower head 🚿. I explained to him it was like rain coming down... I mean he’s been in the rain and he could relate right... well then he wants to see... so I turn it on for 2.2 seconds and my life crumbled... the scream of bloody murder came from his mouth! The look of terror took over his face and now...NOW he refuses to bath. It’s a fearful battle we are slowly overcoming again each day. He challenges me to even a bath in our master tub that doesn’t have a rain machine.. wide open tub.

Slowly we are working back into a non dramatic bath time, but it’s taking coasting. So if your little ever asks about the shower head... tell them about it but never show them 😝🙈🤣

Do you have something you regret showing your child? Share your story in the comments...


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